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From a CEO regarding leadership development of an internal candidate for leadership succession:

“She does believe that she is better prepared for her future with having had you as her Coach…as do I believe your influence has been helpful for her.

From my viewpoint, you have helped with her development into a more viable candidate to become the CEO (if not here, then elsewhere…  You have made a difference.  It is apparent in the way in which [she] conducts herself as compared with a year or two ago.  Your guidance was evident.  Thank you.”

“Linda was an invaluable resource in planning and executing our board retreat.  She was thoughtful, strategic and gifted in engaging our members in a productive, passionate conversation.  Feedback was terrific.”

-President, The MetroHealth Foundation

“I found [Linda’s insights] to be immediately valuable.

There was a recent situation with a colleague of mine that did not go well.  Instead of calling this person on the carpet in a punishing fashion (which I believe I do on occasion, and probably would have in this case), I deployed Linda's technique and asked the question - what did we learn from this mistake?  It led to a healthy, constructive feedback session that strengthened our working relationship instead of straining it - truly a breakthrough for me with this individual.  Many thanks!”

-Senior Financial Services Executive, Cleveland, Ohio

“With the Business Model Canvass tool, Linda encouraged our team re-focus on the core business propositions for our company. Her facilitation of the group helped us quickly get to the heart of the matter and nurture what we know makes our work innovative. Her use of design thinking in a half-day workshop was impressive and brought out the best in our team. Thanks. Linda!”

-Brant, Healthcare Executive

“Linda is to the point and “spot-on” with her advice.  Something our leadership group appreciates with their busy schedules.”

-Executive Vice President

“Linda has helped us grow over the past 20 years, and now into our future……..”

-Principal, Large Professional Services Firm in Midwest

“Our company is in the midst of leadership transition.  We are a privately held company and need to identify and train the next generation of leaders.  We had identified a group of individuals that had shown qualities of good leadership.  We have trained this group of individuals in the technical and corporate side of our business.  What we needed help with was to train them individually in how they can improve in leadership and at the same time build in a sense of team among the group.  We reached out to Linda Bluso from Adaptive Knowledge Institute to assist us with this initiative.  Linda has provided us with a program that met both of our objectives.  She has coached each individual on leadership traits and behaviors.  While at the same time she has worked with the group on a few team building exercises.  This has led to both individual growth and has unified the group as a team.  With this training we feel that our company will be in great hands with our next generation of leaders.”

-Jim, President, Middle Market Company in the Midwest

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