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Advanced Leadership Development Program

A program for emerging leaders with more than three years' experience working for a family business, The Advanced Leadership Development Program is a program designed for high potential family and non-family members who are identified by current company leaders as high potential or as the next leaders of the company. This highly custom approach to meet a company's and the participant's needs will assist your company in;

  • Identifying the business drivers most strongly impacting the business and the leadership competencies needed for addressing business driver strategies.
  • Identifying the leadership skill set needed for successful transitions.
  • Developing a leadership assessment with a direct connection to business drivers and strategies.
  • Assessing current leader's strengths and target development areas.
  • Developing a plan for leadership development and leadership succession.
  • Plan Implementation.

phase 1

  • Identify company's business drivers most strongly impacting the business and identify leadership succession risks.
  • Develop a leadership assessment process with alignment to key business drivers and strategies.
  • Assess high potential's leadership competencies, skills and strengths.
  • Target development areas.
  • Develop plan for leveraging leadership strengths and competencies including strategic thinking and strategic agility which aligns with the company's business drivers, strategies and its succession plans.
  • Develop metrics for measuring success.

Phase 2

  • Plan implementation
  • Monitoring metrics and conduct regular reviews to confirm alignment.
  • Continued oversight in target development areas.

Did you know...

Ninety percent (90%) of all U.S. businesses are family-owned or controlled by a family. Family businesses generate 50% of the GNP and less than 1/3 of those businesses survive the transition from first to second generation and another 50% of those businesses don't survive from second to third generation? Why is this?

  • Current generation lacks the skills or timing tools to transition leadership.
  • The upcoming generation of leaders is not prepared to transition or lead.
  • Business model is stagnant, and the competition is surging ahead.
  • Family dynamics reflect the company's hierarchy, which is not always conducive to the company's needs.

The need exists for a program that addresses leadership readiness for tomorrow's business leaders.

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Leadership Fundamentals Program

A program for those with less than three years' experience working for a family business, The Leadership Fundamentals Program meets seven times over a 12-month period in an interactive and engaging environment; participants learn from speakers, assessment tools, recommended readings and case studies, and through small group discussions. The program also consists of online work between in-person sessions. By utilizing a team of diverse academic and business professionals, The Leadership Fundamentals Program delivers a dynamic, practical and integrated curriculum that offers participants a functional and applied learning approach that is relevant to leaders of today. And Tomorrow.

What Your Participants Will Gain:

  • Transformative Leadership Skills
  • Organizational Behavior/ Family Business Dynamics & Strategies
  • Awareness/ Strategies for Addressing Generational Difference in the Workplace and in Generational Transitions
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Important Business Concepts
  • Methods for Driving Change
  • Critical Thinking/ Problem-solving Skills
  • A Strategic Mindset
  • Individual Peer Network
  • Abundant Business Resources/ References

Session Topics Will Include:

  • Leadership Assessment Debriefing
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Effective Communications
  • Successful Work Teams
  • Organizational Behavior & Family Business Dynamics
  • Succession and Transition Planning
  • Talent Management & Generational Differences
  • Change Leadership Model
  • Transformation Leadership Skills
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Finance & Accounting Concepts for Managers
  • Systems Thinking Approach to Management
  • Strategic Mindset Thinking
  • Business Model Generation
  • Working with Professional Teams
  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management

Business Model Canvas Workshop

Curriculum Overview

Business model innovation is not new.  But the scale and speed at which innovative business models are transforming business today is remarkable.  Speed does matter in this unprecedented competitive world.  Business Model Generation offers a new way of designing tomorrow’s enterprises or redesigning existing business models. This is a tool for innovators, visionaries, and entrepreneurial thinkers.  Based on the book Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur, business model generation offers a way to defy outmoded business models.

This half-day executive education program for business leaders is taught by Adaptive Knowledge Institute’s CEO and Founder, Linda Bluso, J.D.

Learning Outcomes

This curriculum focuses on:

The Business Model Canvas, a tool for describing, analyzing, and designing business models.

Business Model Patterns, based on concepts from leading business thinkers.

Techniques to help you design business models.

Re-thinking strategy through the business model.

A process to help you design innovative business models.

Course Schedule and Architecture

The curriculum is a half-day workshop.  A certificate of completion will be provided at the conclusion of the workshop.



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