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Succession Planning Webinar

Succession Planning Webinar presented by; Sonya Ahola Jeanne Coughlin and Linda Bluso. This webinar will cover the 3 components of a succession plan and how to get started creating your own. This webinar was pre-recorded so any comments left on this video will not be discussed in this webinar.

Adaptive Knowledge Institute (AKI) was founded by Linda in 2014 to assist family businesses with leadership transition planning and leadership development.  AKI’s mission is to be a catalyst providing individuals and companies relevant knowledge to achieve personal, professional and business success. Linda's career experience and transitions bring a unique skill set to enterprises seeking transformative change. She is a leader well-recognized as being innovative and strategic.   With vision, creativity and problem-solving skills, Linda has led change in law firms and in higher education.   She integrates her expertise to support client transformational change initiatives, leadership transition planning, leadership development, strategic management and collaborations, risk management, and corporate governance matters.

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